Honda Launched New Honda Accord V6 model with 2 variants in india such as New Honda Accord V6 3.5, New Honda Accord V6 3.5 Inspire. New Honda Accord V6 is a D-segment Luxury Sedan car in India. New honda Accord has re-worked on every aspect of the car from exterior styling to the interiors to the chassis and engine. we can see the exterior picture and interior picture of New Honda Accord. The New Honda Accord is more agile and flexible along curves than ever before. The front fascia is now more muscular and cabin has been enhanced for more legroom. in the wheelbase picture of New Honda Accord, The wheelbase is longer by 3 inches and the width and height have been increased by nearly an inch. On the interior picture of New Honda Accord, the dashboard has been revamped. The dual tone finish is very appealing. The plastic used is of good quality and the upholstery is smooth and gives a rich feel. On the whole, the cabin is very classy. Cabin space is enhanced and occupants get more leg room, shoulder room and thigh support. In The Picture Of Drive Seats of New Honda Accord, The driver's seat gets 8-way power adjustment with lumbar support. The Picture Of Rear Seats Of New Honda Accord, Rear seats have independent air vents and air conditioning. The rear seats also get their own audio control knobs. there various interior picture and exterior of New Honda Accord.

1. Exterior Pictures of New Honda Accord are following :-

New Honda Accord Front View Picture :-
New Honda Accord Headlight Picture :-

New Honda Accord Taillight Picture :-

New Honda Accord Trunk Picture :-

New Honda Accord Wheel Picture :-

2. Interior Pictures Of New Honda Accored :-

New Honda Accord Front Seat Picture :-

New Honda Accord Rear Seat Picture :-

New Honda Accord Steering Wheel Picture :-

New Honda Accord Instrument Cluster Picture :-

New Honda Accord Dashboard Picture :-


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Instrument Cluster

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